A global hub for research into the occupational health, safety and wellbeing of educators

Robust research evidence to promote the interests of educators and their communities.

We conduct comprehensive, longitudinal surveys and in-depth analyses to monitor the increasing complexity of educators’ work and the impact that changing demands have on their professional and personal lives.

Our research provides policymakers, professional associations, employers and educators with key insight into the health and wellbeing of all educators.

Our achievements in numbers

50k+ Surveys Completed Internationally
52 Projects Across all levels of education
33 Surveys Internationally
12 Years Measuring Health and Wellbeing


8,000 Educators Surveyed
26,180 Surveys Completed

New Zealand

8,000 Educators Surveyed
12,032 Surveys Completed


1,077 Educators Surveyed
1,586 Surveys Completed

Key Research Insights

For a decade, our longitudinal studies have examined the health and wellbeing of the education workforce. Our research insights provide a comprehensive overview of the health and wellbeing of education professionals and the personal, relational and organisational factors shaping their work.

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