Australian University Staff Health and Wellbeing Survey

In the last year, staff members working in Australian universities have faced major disruption to their regular working lives. Universities and their employees have had to contend with a series of major challenges, including a significant decline in international student fee revenue, limited public funding support and the rapid shift to hybrid models of teaching and working. As Universities respond to these challenges and seek to establish a new normal for staff members, it is important that university leaders support the development of work environments that promote occupational health and wellbeing.

The Educator Health and Wellbeing Program (EHW) has developed a number of research and reporting tools that can be of service to universities as they seek to create a workplaces that promote the health and wellbeing of all employees. EHW research tools gather evidence to map the relationship between the work environment and employees’ occupational health, safety and wellbeing. Our longitudinal survey instrument provides empirical evidence about the impact that different dimensions of the work environment have on employee health and wellbeing. Our digital reporting platforms provide visual, interactive representations of the data that enable decisionmakers and employees to promote a healthy, safe working environment.