Raising Awareness

We raise awareness about our research by engaging with education professionals, policymakers and professional associations. We use digital technologies to translate our research findings for these stakeholders and provide them with targeted research evidence. In doing so we aim to support the development of evidence-informed policies and practices that promote the health and wellbeing of the education workforce.

Our digital reporting platforms and research reports provide key stakeholders with access to interactive data dashboards and reports.

Digital Data Dashboards

Our digital data dashboards provide interactive summaries of the survey data. The dashboards enable education stakeholders to explore different levels of occupational health and wellbeing survey data for different cohorts of educators. These digital representations of the data are intended to enable stakeholders to raise awareness about OH & S and support efforts to promote a healthy, safe working environment.

Research Reports

Our research program aims to ensure that education professionals are healthy, safe and secure at work. Our research will help to identify how work environments in the education sector impact on employee health and wellbeing. We work to identify the specific challenges faced by employees in the sector and to propose changes to work policies and practices that reduce the burden on employees and promote positive health and wellbeing outcomes. We also aim to support educators to cope with the challenges that they face at work by providing additional resources, support and professional development.

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