Meet the Team

Professor Phil Riley
Director, Educator Health & Wellbeing

A former school principal, Phil spent 16 years in schools before moving to the tertiary sector. He researches the overlapping space of psychology, education and leadership, producing over 200 publications and peer-reviewed conference presentations. He has been awarded over $8 million in research funding including three prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants.

Dr Ben Arnold
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Ben investigates the relationship between education policy and governance, workplace cultures/practices and teachers’ health and wellbeing in different contexts. He considers how teacher wellbeing is defined and operationalised and the implications this has for policy interventions.

Dr Mark Rahimi
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Mark is a senior data analyst and social sciences researcher. He is experienced in quantitative and mix-methods research, including, statistical analysis, data science and analytical programing methods. His research interest is on applying data science methods in educators’ and students’ health and wellbeing research in an international context.

Dr Marcus Horwood
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Marcus specialises in educational psychology, with an emphasis on school leader wellbeing and occupational outcomes. His research interest in regarding education policy, and how it may be best used to maintain and promote student, teacher wellbeing and educational outcomes. His PhD focussed on exploring the impact different types of job demands and job resources had on school leader burnout and job satisfaction, and the role school leader passion plays on their reported burnout and job satisfaction.