Offensive Behaviours


Our research investigates educators’ experiences of offensive behaviours at work. We measure the major types of offensive behaviour that educators face at work, including physical and non-physical violence, bullying and abuse. This enables us to calculate the prevalence of offensive behaviours towards educators and to identify the major factors associated with victimization. Our research highlights the differences in offensive behaviours according to stage, sector, role and geolocation and flags those that are “at-risk”.

Research Significance

By understanding the prevalence of offensive behaviours towards those working in education, we are able to highlight the challenges facing those in the sector. Our research informs public and policy debates about offensive behaviours in schools and supports the development of health, safe education work environments.

Key Research Projects

  • Principal health, safety and wellbeing in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland and Hong Kong
  • Teacher health and wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand
  • Early childhood educators in New Zealand
  • University Staff in Australia