Workplace risk


We investigate educators’ experiences of working in the circumstances and environments where they are prone to some risk. Through qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods evaluations we explore the temporary and chronic impacts of various risk factors on educators’ mental and physical health at some work environments or some particular circumstances. Our research sheds light on the various key factors that can impact the risks at their workplace.

Research Significance

By understanding risks at educators’ workplace, we are able to highlight the ways through which the risks can be lessened or controlled. These include provision of evidence informed approaches to policies and institutional strategies at different contexts and levels.

Key Research Projects

  • Educators’ health and wellbeing in special schools
  • Principal health, safety and wellbeing in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland and Hong Kong
  • Teacher health and wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand
  • Early childhood educators in New Zealand
  • University Staff in Australia