Mental and Physical Health and Wellbeing


Our research investigates the mental and physical health of educators working in early childhood education, primary and secondary schools and universities. We measure educators reported levels of general health, physical health, stress and burnout to establish the current health status of the education sector and to highlight the potential risks that educators face as a result of their work. We investigate how these health and wellbeing outcomes are related to particular health-related behaviours and psycho-physiological changes that result from working in the eduction sector.

Research Significance

By understanding educators’ health and wellbeing, we are able to raise awareness about the health status of those working in the sector, identify factors that negatively impact on health and wellbeing and provide evidence for the development of policies and practices promote good health at work.

Key Research Projects

  • Principal health, safety and wellbeing in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland and Hong Kong
  • Teacher health and wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand
  • Early childhood educators in New Zealand
  • University Staff in Australia